Northwest Rochester has been packed with nature lovers over the last several weeks. People have been flocking to the corner of 55th St and West River Rd. trying to catch a glimpse of the great horned owl and her babies.

I have a different reason for you to head up that way. Load up your kids and take them seashell hunting at Essex Park. I had no idea these existed until last weekend when I was walking around the park with my family and my daughter stopped and asked me why there were “seashells” growing on trees along the path.

I spent entirely too much time Googling mushrooms and trying to figure out what they are, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think they’re ‘Turkey Tail Mushrooms’ which doesn’t make sense to me. Why not just call them seashell mushrooms? I read that many are colorful, like the one pictured above, but we could only find white ones. If you know, send me a chat on our free mobile app.



FYI, turkey tail mushrooms are said to be really good for your immune system. According to Medical News Today, these mushrooms have been used as a health supplement for centuries.


Now, I am not a mushroom expert so please don't start picking and eating –  I have no idea if the mushrooms that look like seashells at Essex Park are in fact good for you. I don’t know if they are edible or poisonous, but I do know they look really cool and my kids were psyched to hunt for them. Your kids will probably enjoy finding them too.

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