Experience a fun and magical ride on the Great Pumpkin Train up in Duluth, Minnesota next month! The North Shore Scenic Railroad hosts the Great Pumpkin Train every year and it gives families a fun way to pick out festive pumpkins.

What Happens on the Great Pumpkin Train

The Great Pumpkin Train ride is about 90 minutes long in total (to the pumpkin patch and back) according to their website. It leaves from the Duluth Depot and brings you back to the Duluth Depot, so that makes things easy. The special part of the ride is when you come upon the beautiful "grassy pumpkin patch that only appears once a year, on this very special weekend." Then you hop off the train and each person can pick their own pumpkin to bring home with them. It looks like you're also able to check out the Duluth Depot Museum, there are some crafts and activities, and live music.

Great Pumpkin Train Dates and Tickets

The Great Pumpkin Train only runs for 4 days: Thursday, October 21st through Sunday, October 24th. This year tickets are limited so reservations are strongly suggested. Tickets start at $20 per person for rides on Thursday and Sunday, tickets are $5 more per person on Friday and Saturday since they're busier days. There are 5 different time slots each day: 10 AM, 11:20 AM, 12:50 PM, 2:20 PM, and 3:50 PM. You can find tickets HERE. It sounds like a great family event plus you'll get to see the beautiful north shore in the fall!

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