If you are a fan of Rueben's, you might want to take a drive to Montgomery, as the best-selling pizza flavor of last year, the Rueben Pizza, is back for a limited time at the open year-round wood-fired pizza spot here in Southern Minnesota.

Pizzeria 201, which is located in Montgomery, announced last week that for a limited time they were bringing back the top-selling pizza for 2021, their uniquely flavored Rueben, for curbside pick up.

For those unfamiliar with the Rueben pizza, it's a deconstructed sandwich in pizza form of course, that features corned beef & sauerkraut with swiss cheese and thousand island dressing.

The popular pizzeria was teasing about the unique pizza starting last week.

If you've never had one before, some people might be leary of the sauerkraut, you should really give it a try, as there is a reason it was a best seller last year.

Pizzeria 201, has often been voted one of the best pizzerias in the area and offers up to customers freshly baked pizzas that are made to order and fired up in a woodfire oven, located in downtown Montgomery.

Since the pandemic, the restaurant has only offered curbside pick-up and has cut back some of the hours that they used to be open. The pizzeria is open 4-8pm Wednesday-Sunday.

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