Having worked in Austin, Minnesota for a year or two, you quickly learn a few things. One of those things is you can have fun with SPAM, but never make fun of SPAM. The always versatile can-shaped meat has been a popular food staple for many Minnesotans since its inception, but has it ever been an exclusive pizza topping? I'm sure it has, but this Southern Minnesota pizzeria is teasing something along those very lines. A SPAM pizza.

Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery recently posted a cryptic post to it's Facebook page, telling those in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa to get ready for an announcement to go along with a photo of stacked, dare I say a wall, of SPAM cans.

So what exactly are we awaiting? That has yet to be revealed. Pizzeria 201, hasn't tipped its hand, but it did like a few comments on the post, one of those was a guess on the SPAM can post. That guess? SPAM and Pineapple pizza.

After doing some personal SPAM research, there are a few different SPAM pizza topping ideas if Pizzeria 201 wanted to put their spin on an existing recipe.

Hawaiian Spam Pizza Recipe | CDKitchen.com

Classic Spam Pizza Recipe - Weird Wild Pizza

Kimchi Spam Pizza - Cooking Therapy

Spam and Dorito pizza is an unexpected slice of heaven

Will pineapple and SPAM be what is revealed? Maybe, I guess we will just have to wait to find out, as there hasn't been any announcement yet on the social media page.

I think the SPAM and Dorito's concoction might be good, either way when it becomes available I'll be sure to try it and let you know how it tastes.

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