This is one of those stories, that is strange but true. Strange in a sense that this Minnesotan did just about everything he could do in front of a marked squad car that would give him unwanted attention, and would then subsequently lead to his arrest for being in a stolen vehicle, with stolen plates, having no drivers license, and having the stolen vehicle be full of drugs and stolen credit and debit cards.

We will start off with the post that was shared by the Lakes Area Police Department in Chisago County.

You can't make this up.....
On 01-05-22 at 8 in the morning, a Lakes Area Officer in a fully marked squad car was parked in the [parking] lot of Casey's in Chisago City. The Officer seated inside the squad car heard a high revving motor in a pickup truck behind him and watched the pick-up truck spin several times around in a circle near the gas pumps.
Clearly, the driver was in need of guidance.
The Officer approached the now-stopped pick-up truck and made contact with the driver. When asked for his driver's license, he provided an MN ID Card. As it turns out, he was revoked. Maybe not a time to drive recklessly behind the marked police car.
But wait.
Turning his attention to the pickup truck, the Officer found that the license plates [were] reported stolen. Uh oh. Since the license plates don't belong on the vehicle, what plates are supposed to be on it? Well, the serial number (VIN) on the pickup truck showed that the pickup was stolen as well. More bad luck for the driver.
Ultimately Officers recovered numerous several debit and credit cards, illegal drugs from the vehicle including suspected THC Wax, methamphetamine, needles, and other drug paraphernalia.
The suspect has now been charged with felony possession of the stolen property and felony possession of a controlled substance.
So remember, drive carefully. Especially if you're driving a stolen pickup truck full of drugs and stolen property. Better yet... Don't steal other people's things, and don't do drugs.
On a serious note, if you have a drug problem, help is available. 
The police were right you really can't make this up.
Lakes Area Police were correct in stating that if you or a loved one are battling addiction with drugs, help is available. You can find resources to help you or that loved one by going here.

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