According to the Sterling Facebook page, they are closing their convenience store and gift shop, effective August 10th, permanently. The pharmacy will remain open with their normal operating hours. Their post was made on Thursday morning.

The entire site will be purchased by Kwik Trip, effective at the end of August. Pharmacy customers were notified by letter earlier this week and were assured that the pharmacy is not closing, they can continue to fill their prescriptions as normal. They will also remain open during the construction as Kwik Trip works on the building.

Even though Kwik Trip will be coming in to that location, as part of the negotiations, Sterling Pharmacy will also remain in the same location and the staff in the pharmacy will remain. The fate of the staff in the convenience store is in limbo as Kwik Trip takes over.

Sterling Drug is owned by Astrup Drug, an Austin based company. The gift shop and convenience store will be open 9 am-4 pm, Saturday, their normal business hours, and then close.

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