SHIP stands for Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, and they've teamed up with Steele County Public Health, Owatonna and Medford to present a Bikeable Community Workshop. It'll be May 16 from 9AM to 3PM in the Morehouse Room of Owatonna Public Utilities.

The goal is to field suggestions on how to develop a more bicycle-friendly community.The agenda includes a discussion on the six E's: equity, evaluation and planning, engineering, education, enforcement and encouragement. Participants will be asked to identify opportunities to reduce barriers and enhance opportunities for biking in their community. Increased bike usage should lead to healthier lives, less pollution and less traffic congestion.

There will also be a 4-5 mile bike ride in small groups highlighting bicycle facilities and opportunities. You should bring your bike and helmet. If you don't have a bike, one will be provided. Lunch will be provided.

Participants are asked to preregister by contacting Jane Nyquist at (507) 444-7661.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation states that bicycle event visitors spent $8.5 million in Minnesota in 1915.

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