Here's a few photos of some of our pets. Sometimes they can do the silliest things and at other times they almost act like humans. Hillary the miniature horse has learned how to do mischief from her stablemate Roy. They spend most of their time hanging out together and then when things get boring, Roy bites Hillary's butt. She makes a high-pitched squeal and then returns to Roy for more. Kinky.

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    Tiggee likes to sleep with his cuddly toy. Kind of like what we did as youngsters.

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    Miniature horse Hillary spends her time with her step-brother Roy. Roy's the one who rips out power outlets, throws pails across the stall and drags stuff into his stall. I reckon he's the one who taught Hillary this trick. Her nose is stuck in the feed cup.

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    Doesn't this picture just make you sleepy enough to curl up for a nap? Oscar and his mother, Oranges, relaxing on a hay bale.