The Twins selected Aaron Sabato from the University of North Carolina with the 27th overall pick in the MLB draft Wednesday night.  Sabato is a power hitting first baseman.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan says the Twins have been looking for power hitters and power pitchers in recent years.  Jim says with the 27th overall pick the Twins may have drafted a power pitcher but there wasn't one there they wanted.


Major League Baseball is inching closer to resolution for a season.  Jim says the owners are expected to submit a new proposal to the players that could represent more of a compromise.  Jim says the longer these negotiations go the less regular season we'll have.  Jim says the Twins may have an advantage with the shortened season.

The PGA tour is back this weekend.  Jim says Texas has seen an uptick in the amount of Covid-19 cases but precautions are being taken at Colonial Country Club.  Jim isn't sure

The NBA is planning a "bubble" approach to restarting their season in July in Orlando.  Jim says some players are a bit apprehensive about remaining in a bubble with or without their families for a long period of time.

The NHL still hasn't set a timetable for their return but they do have a plan to return.  The plan likely brings them back at a minimum of 2 locations at some point in July.

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