St. Thomas has received permission from the NCAA to make the move from Division III Athletically to Division I starting with the 2021-2022 season.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan said St. Thomas will fit well in the Summit League for 19 of their 22 sports and will play in the Pioneer League for football and WCHA for women's hockey.  Jim says St. Thomas shouldn't need to upgrade many facilities with this move to Division I.  He says St. Thomas is positioned well financially.


Miguel Sano has returned to the Twins after testing positive for Covid-19 upon arrival 2 weeks ago.  He has been cleared to practice and did Wednesday.  Sano never experienced any symptoms and never felt sick.  Jim says Sano may have some growing pains as he learns to play first base at the Major League level.  He expects Sano to pick up the position and says Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer both had to learn the position and both did well.

Tiger Woods is playing golf this weekend in Dublin, Ohio at the Memorial.  Jim says golf looks about the same and doesn't need fans in attendance to make the sport watchable on TV.

The Minnesota Lynx open their season July 26 against Connecticut.  Jim says the expectations for the Lynx is to be a playoff team but doesn't see this team as the same title contender that other Lynx teams have been in the past.

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