The NFL cancelled the preseason Hall of Fame game that was scheduled for August 6th in Canton, Ohio has been cancelled by the NFL.  The Steelers were supposed to play the Cowboys.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan says the NFL could still play their regular season games while cancelling the preseason games due to concerns over Covid-19.  Jim says scrimmages with other teams could replace the preseason games as preparation for the regular season.


Professional golf has seen some caddies test positive for Covid-19 leading to the  golfers they caddie for not golfing this weekend in Connecticut on the PGA tour.    Jim says early detection of Covid-19 and advance testing is finding these cases and as long as they don't lead to an outbreak the PGA tour can go on.  He says it would be disappointing if top golfers weren't able to play in Major tournaments due to Covid-19 in the future.

Major League Baseball is planning to return with players reporting next week.  Jim says positive cases have led MLB to consider how they can continue if the amount of confirmed Covid-19 positive cases increases.  The new MLB format with 60 games may cause teams to put more importance on each game.  Jim says teams may decide to use an "opener" to start games on the mound and follow them up a "primary" pitcher especially early in the season.  Getting off to a fast start in baseball this season could prove to make all the difference in the world.  Another factor will be health, both with injuries and Covid-19.

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