The NFL is still planning on a normal training camp this season with the exception of a reduction of 2 preseason games.  Many players took to twitter over the weekend expression concern over the lack of safety precautions the NFL has made to this point in regards to Covid-19.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me on WJON today.  Jim says the NFL hasn't really done much besides looking into a face shield.  He says the players need to know the NFL's testing plan and how players could safely social distance while playing a game where physical contact is required.


Jim says NFL players could choose to not play if safety protocols are deemed adequate.  He says if a few top players get onboard on walking out the NFL would be forced to do something.

Major League Baseball is returning this week.  Jim says the Twins chose to only play one exhibition game because it doesn't make sense to drive 6 or more hours to play a meaningless game.  The one exhibition game the Twins will play is Wednesday night in Chicago against the Cubs.  That is convenient because they play the White Sox in Chicago starting the regular season Friday night.

The NHL appears to be in good shape with Covid-19 precautions and maybe best suited to make their postseason go off without a hitch.  Jim says Canada has handled the Covid-19 situation better than the United States and because of that the Blue Jays won't be allowed to play games in Toronto.  Canada doesn't trust players coming from the United State or the Blue Jays handling this safely.  Because of that the Blue Jays will likely play their home games in either Buffalo at their Triple-A facility or at the spring training facility in Dunedin, Florida.

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