Souhan; NFL Needs to Protect Its Players [PODCAST]
The NFL is still planning on a normal training camp this season with the exception of a reduction of 2 preseason games. Many players took to twitter over the weekend expression concern over the lack of safety precautions the NFL has made to this point in regards to Covid-19.
Jason's Blog: Major League Baseball Wild Card Time
Major League Baseball added wild card teams to the playoffs in 1994, although because of a players strike it didn't actually take effect until 1995. Since that time, the Twins have been to the playoffs in six seasons, all under manager Ron Gardenhire, and all as division champions...
Live Game Forces Baseball Hater to Relent
I've never been much of a baseball fan. For all that it is America's pastime, I never could figure out why people would play it, much less watch. Baseball is slow, with a lot of nothing happening around a very little bit of something, and not even a time clock ticking down to build anticip…

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