The Gopher football team will host Iowa tonight at 6pm, pregame on WJON at 4pm.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me from Augusta, Georgia where he's covering the Masters Golf Tournament.  Jim says the Gophers need to play good defense if they're going to have a chance to beat Iowa.  He says the Hawkeyes are better than their 1-2 record and proved that after a blowout win over Michigan State last weekend.  Jim says the Gopher offense has proven that they can score but their defense is the key.


The Masters Golf tournament continues today in Augusta, Georgia.  Jim says the lack of fans is caused some adjustments by the players.  He says the players miss the energy the fans brought and fans even helped with ball location when players hit the ball off target.  Jim says fans actually prevented golf balls from sailing too far out of play sometimes.

The Vikings will play the Bears Monday night in Chicago.  Jim says the Bears aren't really that good despite their 5-4 record.  He says the two teams could be going in opposite directions with the Vikings riding a 2-game winning streak.

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