UPDATE: 6/30/22 - Duluth Police Department has released a surveillance video they used in their investigation, plus a video shared by a bystander which you can check out here. They also stated that they interviewed the driver who had their 6 month old child in the vehicle with them. No citations will be issued to the driver and you can check out the video below:

Original Post: A very large crowd of people gathered at 1st Avenue East and First Street in Downtown Duluth. Someone attempted to drive through the crowd of people during the protest.

Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken posted on Facebook about the incident during a protest in response to the recent decision to reverse Roe Vs Wade. According to his post, the large crowd originally were gathered on the sidewalks, before taking to the streets to march downtown Duluth.

The march took place on 6th Avenue West, down to Superior Street, then East on Superior Street and up on 1st Avenue East. Tusken did state that Duluth police worked to block traffic and ensure safety of the people walking in the streets. He also stated that they did not anticipate the march and did not have the appropriate resources to properly secure the route.

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Duluth Police are currently investigating an incident about a woman driving with a baby on board through the crowd of protesters on the street. During this incident it was stated that somebody hit the windshield with a two-by-four, causing damage to the windshield. The investigation on this incident is still continuing.
According to the Duluth News Tribune, there was around 500 protesters Monday evening. They also stated neither party has been identified and no one was hurt during the incident.
Tusken also stated that the department is short staffed, however they do support First Amendment activity and at the same time, they need people to do so safely by following all laws and staying on sidewalks or gathering in public or private spaces that are less dangerous than city streets.  You can read his full post here.

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