Protesters with signs and flags camped out in front of Govenor Walz St. Paul Residence this afternoon to protest the "Stay at Home Order."  A more formal protest is set for tomorrow.  The point of the protest is to urge Governor Walz to reopen the state and businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to KSTP many protesters were waving flags and holding up signs saying things such as "Land of the Free" and "Freedom over Fear" as cars were driving buy on Summit Avenue.

According to KSTP A Facebook group that planned the protest called Liberate Minnesota said   "Thousands of lives are being destroyed right now. It is not the governor's place to restrict free movement of Minnesota citizens! Gov. Walz you work for the citizens of this state! Minnesota's economy must be reopened for business or destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Minnesota citizens and their families may result if we don't act quickly!"

Many of the protester that were out today were not wearing masks and some people had children with them as well. The group did mention President Donald Trump's remarks of saying the cure must not be worse than the disease.

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