It's over before it even starts - or at least it seems that way.  Living in our part of the country, we embrace the four seasons but forgive us if we are especially partial to the summer months.  Maybe it's because we spend the majority of the year living in less-than-ideal weather conditions; summer allows us the opportunities to throw off the jackets and hats and get outside and enjoy ourselves.

But like I said, it's often over before it even starts.  One day we're making plans on how we'll spend our summer, and you blink and it's already fall moving into winter.  You run out of time.

Maybe it's because our summers are so jam-packed with activities that they seem to go by so quickly.  Cabins.  Reunions.  Barbecues.  Picnics. Baseball games.  Even if we're just sitting around the backyard patio, it seems like we're always "doing something" all summer long.

And of course there is no definitive date for when summer ends.  I mean there is the equinox and solstice that guide us along.  But really - we don't need a calendar to tell us when summer ends, we can feel it - even if it's largely a subconscious thing.

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But what is it that "tells" us when summer is over?  What are the signs?  While they may not announce themselves when they arrive, when we notice them the summer season is for sure here.

Here is a look at 15 different subtle signs that the summer season is officially over.

Signs That Summer Is Over In The Minnesota + Wisconsin

Just as fast as it arrives - it's over. But what defines its end point?

People who live in the Midwest have come to fully-appreciate and embrace the four seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter - each have their highlights. That's why we're always so sad to see each one end. Or are we?

Forget the calendar. Here are the true signs that the summer season is over for folks who live in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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