Who doesn’t love a good, wet sloppy kiss when they get home? A smooch from their dog, that is. We have had dogs that were happy to greet you with a kiss. I frequently drop down to my knees to say hi to a known dog and welcome a kiss. A columnist in the Star Tribune brings up some concerns with the practice.

In addition to the question of possible germs, dogs can knock over or injure people while going for the kiss. Some owners don’t want their dogs to lick people and encouragement from folks like me could initiate some hard feelings.

The reporter sites a study in Japan that gum disease bacteria can go between people and pups. Additionally, comes the question, “Where has that mouth been?” more so for the dog’s snout.

When the pandemic began there was concern about whether pets could get it. When I went for a run, I didn’t ask to pet someone’s dog as I had previously done occasionally. Not to mention that interacting with strangers would violate the social distance mantra.

Things have loosened up on the paths I traverse lately and I will stop and chat with walkers about their dog. I don’t go for a kiss with their canines. But with neighbors and family members, I’ll grab a quick smooch from their pooch.

The Star Tribune column offers a few tips to train dogs not to kiss such as turning your head away and offering treats when they don’t kiss. Hopefully, the runner you meet while training the dog isn’t me.

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