The Mall of America is adding another amazing attraction this summer. It will be located on the first level near Nickelodeon Universe and feature Matrix 5D technology. In Park Magazine explains, Guests will wear 5D glasses and get strapped into a seat that has a full range of motion to replicate the experience of falling, crashing and flying while sound, wind and light effects engulf the senses. MOA will offer two different themed rides, Mysterious Underground and Shark Attack.

According to MOA's website: Mysterious Underground is a 5D theatre experience where thrill seekers, wearing 5D glasses, will ride on a trolley in an abandoned mine dodging rocks, debris and escaping from everything that lurks underneath the Earth’s surface.

Shark Attack, incorporates a motion platform, putting guests through a narrated aquarium experience observing various sea life until one of the greatest predators on earth attempts to break through the glass.

Sounds like a good time! No word on what admission will be.


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