You know those crazy drinking stories you've heard from your great aunt or your grandpa? Well, those stories are probably 100% true!

The United Health Foundation recently released it's 2018 annual "Senior Report." Minnesota seniors rank 4th in having the best overall health. While still a good ranking, we were ranked number 1 last year.

We are still the best when it comes to "health outcomes" and we rank 14th in "policy," mainly because many seniors don't take advantage of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).

In the behaviors category, which includes how many seniors visited the dentist in the past month, how many volunteered, and how many took part in physical activity, Minnesota ranked quite high! Dentist visits we ranked #2, volunteerism also got us a #2 spot, and physical activity we ranked #11.

Now to the interesting part!

Minnesota seniors ranked so high on everything! It seems like they have it all together! But it turns out, Minnesota seniors really like to get their drink on because we tied with Hawaii for the second-highest rate of binge drinking or chronic drinking in the entire country!

Any guess for the number 1 spot? Yep, it's Wisconsin! But we aren't here to talk about them.

It seems so weird that Minnesota's seniors seem to lead such healthy lives but then also drink a ton! Maybe that isn't so weird though. If you look at all of the state's rankings, the ones with seniors that drink the least, ranked the worst in every other category.

Hmm so maybe drinking isn't such a bad thing after all!

But of course, the United Health Foundation would disagree with that statement!


Souce: City Pages


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