Well, I guess it was only a matter of time. The scammers are out there and they are inciting concern, almost panic, at the thought of novel coronavirus being here in Southern Minnesota.

This image has been circulating very recently, being attributed to KEYC News out of Mankato. They have posted that the image is not from them, that it is a scam.

Image Credit: KEYC News
Image Credit: KEYC News Now

According to KEYC, if the link does not go directly to their website, it is most likely from a scammer. This message also states that it is from KEYC News 12, which is no longer that news outlet's official name.

KEYC News also stated that all cases of coronavirus would be confirmed by local and state health officials and then be reported by their news outlet. If you want updated information about the coronavirus, you can always check with the MN Dept of Health on their website, or check with the CDC's website. They are tracking this very closely.

Be aware that there are scams out there. Unless the information comes from a reputable news source, it may be false.

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