The Rice County Board of Commissioners today unanimously passed a resolution initiating an Environmental Assessment Worksheet for Wolf Creek Autobahn.  Environmental Services Director Julie Runkel told Commissioners it was a, "Mixed use development application and rezoning application for a combined residential, commercial and automotive recreational development."

Runkel said it did trigger several of the, "Mandatory EAW categories" so the resolution before the board would trigger that process. District 5 Commissioner Jeff Docken made the motion for passage, seconded by District 1 Commissioner Jake Gillen.  District 4 Commissioner Steve Underdahl asked Runkel to explain for the public what the EAW would cover.

Runkel explained it was a, "Mandatory EAW so there is a specific worksheet that is put out by the state.  It will have a noise study, traffic, storm water, water runoff, wells, wastewater treatment.  So it is very comprehensive in nature.  It will have all of the surface water impact as well."

District 2 Commissioner Galen Malecha asked what state department would be involved in the review.  Runkel said the Environmental Quality Board would publish the study and distribute it to many state agencies but the actual investigation would be done by her office.

According to the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board website a EAW process takes approximately 90 days to complete.

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