Minnesota's first snowfall of 2020 happened one year ago Friday, October 16.

I had just gotten out of the shower when my wife told me to look outside. Thinking something dumb had had happened -- like that the garbage truck had knocked over our trash -- I looked outside...to see snow falling. Huge, white, puffy snowflakes -- maybe the biggest I'd ever seen. "Well, crud," I said, keeping my language safe for the dog.

A hilarious video by TikTok user jaclyneiynck quickly began to go viral as it accurately reflected exactly how I and every other Minnesotan felt that day. "What the.... #mnweather #snowinoctober #fyp #minnesota #2020," read the video's caption.

The video -- filmed from the porch of a quiet, rural home -- shows snow falling everywhere. Text layered over the shot reads "MN Weather." As the video continues and the camera pans, and the text changes to read "Last week...83 and *sun emoji*" then "Today, October 16...36 and *snowflake emoji*." While the video itself isn't necessarily all that funny, the choice of original audio overlaid makes it seemingly hilarious: unassociated with the video itself, a little girl can be heard repeating the words "What the hell" as someone -- presumably her mom -- tells her to stop while trying not to laugh. The choice of inappropriate words by a child added to the footage of snow falling makes for a genuinely hilarious video.

The audio used in  jaclyneiynck's video is actually attributed to TikTok user Brooke Gafford as the original source. In one of her videos, she asks her daughter -- who's sitting on her bed with a spatula -- what she just said. "What the hell," her daughter whispers before repeating it again louder. "Don't say that!" Brooke gently scolds her. "Remember, that's a bad word!" "Why is it a bad word?" her daughter asks back. That video has been viewed over 11.1k times.

Whatever the date this year, Minnesota's first snow will come far too soon for my liking. The only consolation will be more funny TikTok videos like this one.

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