My son Aaron is ready to rush to the Steele County Free Fair Wednesday, because of the forecast of rain. He claims to have great memories of attending the fair during one of the flood days a few years ago with a good friend. Specifying what he enjoyed about the day is a bit elusive.

I think he was probably an early teenager at that time. So he and his friend roamed the grounds without me tagging along. I imagine dashing from dry spot to dry spot was a fun challenge. No teenager would be caught dead with an umbrella. He enjoys looking at animals and there's plenty of barns to enjoy while staying out of the rain.

They likely cruised through the Four Seasons Centre, eyeing the products without any real temptation to purchase the latest modern wonder. What money they had was earmarked for elephant ears, mini-donuts and maybe a corndog. I suppose the lines for the rides and food were also shorter when there was a break in the drenching.

I suggest you bring an umbrella on Wednesday, and maybe Thursday, but hopefully not Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can find many activities to enjoy and one of those latest, greatest products may be something you need. The 320 indoor vendors would appreciate it.

KRFO's watermelon seed spitting contest will go on, though some course modifications may be necessary. Spitting starts at 1:15PM. "Ladies Nail Driving" at the KRFO stage features Cash Wise Foods, just like last year's big day of rain. Pounding starts at 5PM.

Indoors or outdoors, you can always have a great day at the Steele County Fair.



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