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Wabasha, MN (KROC-AM News) - One of the four people originally charged with attempted murder following a baseball bat attack in Hammond that left a man with severe injuries has entered into a plea agreement.

32-year-old Elliott Glamm of Elgin has admitted to two counts of third-degree assault for his involvement in an attack that occurred in the early hours of Labor Day in 2020. In exchange for the guilty plea, two counts of first-degree attempted murder against the Elgin man were dismissed.

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The criminal complaint filed in Wabasha County court indicated two men were injured in the assault and one of the victims suffered a broken jaw and cheekbone, a fractured eye socket, skull fractures, and a variety of other bruises. The second victim was treated for injuries caused by being struck by a bat with nails pounded into it that left puncture marks on his head, torso, and buttocks.


Glamm is scheduled to be sentenced on May 23. Two other defendants in the case, 52-year-old Daniel Luhmann of Hammond and 36-year-old Stephanie Larson of Millville are currently scheduled to stand trial next month. The fourth defendant, 41-year-old Joshua Larson of Millville has a pretrial hearing scheduled in early April.

The charges brought against Glamm suggest the violence stemmed from a dispute between Joshua Larson and another that involved Larson's wife. Court records indicate Larson and his wife still face attempted murder charges, while prosecutors previously dropped the attempted murder counts that were originally filed against Luhmann in the days after the attack occurred.

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