Gas prices continue to hover around record highs. Bankrate says prices have soared 97% since last year with the national average right around $4.25 per gallon. Here in Minnesota the average price is a little below $4 a gallon. Unfortunately, experts say those prices could continue to clime with the spring and summer travel season right around the corner.

People are feeling the pain and are being forced to make sacrifices so one businessman decided to provide a little relief. He performed an amazing random act of kindness by spending $200,000 filling people’s tanks. Read how it happened below.

Good Samaritan Spends $200,000 Buying People’s Gas

Willie Wilson is a successful businessman with a big heart. He saw record high gas prices and knew of people struggling to fill-up so he decided to use some of his money to help out.

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Wilson bought $50 gift cards from eight gas stations and asked employees to hand them out to customers until they were gone. Wilson explained his actions to the Chicago Tribune, "We did this thinking of just one thing, people needed help."

Word Got Out Fast.

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Residents in the Chicago area found out about the businessman’s generous act before the gas giveaway even started so lines began to form - long lines. Some waited for nearly 6-hours. To no one's surprise, the gas went quick, but the businessman isn't done helping out.

He's Going To Do It Again!

Wilson said he wants to help even more people next time. He said he'll spend even more on his next gas giveaway which is scheduled for March 31st.

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