I think it might be over? Dare I say that? Temperatures look to start climbing on April 19 and continue on that spiral for a while. We've got one last short hurrah to play in the snow. I really don't see bundled up kids walking along pulling a sled like back in my day. It's snowmobiles, snow boards and that's if you even go outside to play in the snow.

Anyone have any unique things they did as a kid in the snow? My schoolmates and I would take pieces of plastic to work and slide down the hill at school during recess. You probably can't even take plastic onto the bus anymore. Some of the snow forts we built were large and elaborate. Hockey was big. Only for us farm kids it was usually something like two on two with a wooden box as a goal and we'd play on a pond that we'd have to shovel off first. My second cousins had a unique sled. The hood of a 56 Ford. Good thing there were three of them as it was quite heavy pulling back up the hill.

I ran across this neat video of winter fun in the 1930's from St. Croix Falls, WI. Take a look.

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