The Paradise Center for the Arts has a group performing next weekend that knows what it's like to put in "A Hard Day's Night."  Fab 6 returns to the Paradise stage on Saturday, June 30 at 7:30 p.m.  The group had a sold out event last year and people requested their return.  The official name of the show is Fab 6: All You Need is Love! Beatle's Review Encore Show.

In addition to the Beatles favorites from the 2017 show Fab 6 is adding 13 more new Beatles songs.  The Fab 6 of course has six talented musicians deeply committed to performing their favorite group's songs.  Each of these performers has been life-long Beatles fans and will be joined onstage by The Pepperland String Quartet, The Parlophone Singers and The Sun King Brass.

Tickets are available at the Paradise Box Office or you can purchase them on the Paradise website

Ticket prices are $20 for members, $25 for non members and $12 for students.

I wonder if they'll perform "Yellow Submarine" inside one on stage.

By the way here is some Beatles trivia for you.  The best selling song of the Beatles was and is "She Loves You."


Paradise Marquee- photo by Gordy Kosfeld