The Owatonna School Board approved a tax levy for the 2022-23 school year at their December meeting that showed a decrease of 1.5%. In the district's January e-newsletter, they state, "The largest portion of the school district tax is a result of the community's support of the bond and operating levies. The total school district levy will decrease by 1.5%. In comparison, the state average for school district property tax levies is increasing by 4.5%."


Michelle Krell, Director of Teaching and Learning, reports, "Our learning models, time in school, academic and social emotional needs have significantly varied due to the pandemic. Ouwatonna Public Schools is committed to fulfilling our vision to inspire a community of learners with equitable access to high quality, innovative learning opportunities ensuring all students are college, career and life ready."

Krell adds, "Annually, we present a World's Best Workforce Plan that aligns to current district initiatives and provides updates in curriculum, instruction, and goals around student achievement within the district."

The five goal area include that all children are ready for school, third-graders can all read at their grade level, racial and economic achievement gaps are closed, all students graduate and all students are ready for career and college.

Find the full report here.


Children are eligible for kindergarten if they are at least five years old by September 1 of the year they begin. In-coming students need to complete an Early Childhood Screening. Birth certificate and immunization records need to be submitted. Go to and click on "enrollment" to get the process started.

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