ST. PAUL -- Good news for Minnesotans who need to take a driver's test as the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is in the process of opening all of the remaining exam stations that were closed due to the pandemic.

Driver and Vehicle Services are reopening 51 exam stations this month, which means all 93 stations across the state will be open by January 31st.

The Foley exam station reopened on Tuesday and will be open on the first Tuesday of every month.

The station in Long Prairie will reopen on January 21st and be open on the first, third, and fifth Friday of the month.

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Stations in Sauk Centre and Little Falls will open on January 26th. Sauk Centre will be open on Wednesdays and Little Falls on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The station in Paynesville will be open on Thursdays starting January 27th and the Brainerd exam station will be open Monday through Friday starting January 31st.

Appointments can be made within two weeks of an exam station opening.



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