Every year Owatonna High School holds a Cash Drive to raise money for a good cause. Last year over $7,000 was raised for Hope of Haiti, which works toward clean water. The Magnet, Owatonna student news organization, reports money this year will benefit a Houston-area high school affected by Hurricane Harvey in Dickinson, TX.

The town's population is 18,680, according to their city website. About 90-percent of the community was inundated by water from the hurricane, damaging 7,000 homes. The high school was also heavily damaged. Dickinson teacher Rotyra Anderson is quoted in The Magnet story, saying, "People were helping they didn't know, and it didn't matter. We all felt a sense of family and the need to be there for one another. People were offering their last to those who had nothing."

Activities being held include an art event at the Owatonna Arts Center Tuesday, with OHS student musicians and student artwork on display. A pageant Friday at 7PM at the Owatonna High School auditorium will feature male contestants in funny costumes, lip-synching to songs.

Cash Drive co-chair Camryn Bartz states, "I'm really looking forward to all the money we are going to raise, seeing the impact it will have on Dickinson High School and uniting our school." Lauren Arthur is the other chairperson.

One of the popular fundraising activities results in a teacher getting his head shaved. Donation boxes at OHS will determine whether Scott Pierce or Erik Eitrheim gets shaved on Monday, November 20. Owatonna student council adviser Sandra Justice says, "By far the class competitions raise the most money. It's fun to compete against each other for varying rewards for winning."

The overall goal is to raise $8,000, with that money going to rebuilding efforts at Dickinson High School. Luke Kubicek wrote The Magnet article.

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