We have all seen the news coverage coming out of Texas lately, with Hurricane Harvey unleashing feet, yes you read that right, feet of rain, especially in the Houston area. There have been several stories on my Facebook feed about how people are banding together to help out those in need.

I know I was thinking what more can I do to help? There are different websites set up to take monetary donations, you can text different numbers to donate, as well as donating to the American Red Cross. There are so many different needs for those people who have been displaced by the storm, some people have lost everything. If you are looking for a way to send more than just a monetary donation, I may have the answer for you.

This has been shared numerous times on Facebook, and I wanted to get the word out here as well, I have copied the posting in its entirety for you:



We have a place locked down for the trailer to send relief and donations to TEXAS!
The Old Hursh Motor building. 195 18th SE Owatonna, MN
We will be taking donations Sunday starting at 10 am! And we will be back Monday at 9 am. 
DONATIONS we are looking for baby diapers, baby formula, cleaning supplies, bottled water, paper towels, NEW underwear and socks all sizes, toilet paper, toothbrushes and tooth paste, all hygiene products (deodorant, soap, shampoo/conditioner etc!) kids toys, non perishable food, pet food. A great place to find more info on what to donate is Fb page Cajun Navy.

PLEASE NO used clothing, this is something that is not needed as much as the other stuff.

ALSO- please try to bring all your stuff boxed! I will need as many cardboard boxes as possible for the little stuff to be filled and will need help assembling stuff if need be!

SPREAD THE WORD! Your overflowing love and support is incredible!"


As you can see there are several items that are needed, anything that you can assist with is greatly appreciated. Let's send some MN Nice to the citizens of Texas and some love as well.

The link for the FB page Cajun Navy is right here for any additional ideas on what to donate.

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