Owatonnans Take Food to the Banks
Seven banks in Owatonna held a friendly competition that coincided with the Hometown Holiday Weekend to bring in food and money for the Steele County Food Shelf. Customers, employees and community members were invited to make donations to help fill the need that emerges at this time of year.
Owatonna Area Helping Texas
We have all seen the news coverage coming out of Texas lately, with Hurricane Harvey unleashing feet, yes you read that right, feet of rain, especially in the Houston area. There have been several stories on my Facebook feed about how people are banding together to help out those in need.
What to Donate to SCFS
The holiday season really brings out the best in people, we start to think more about where we can help others, and where we can donate money and needed items. I have seen several posts on what to donate to the Food Shelves around our country, and I thought I should go right to the source, the Steel…