I grew up with a parent who absolutely loves Oreos, he bought them a lot, and of course, didn't always share with his children. Now that I am a parent, I get it, sometimes you just want a treat that you don't have to share with the little beggars that you already feed, clothe, house, etc. Since my dad has long been a fan of Oreos, I have been attuned to anything new that they are doing. New flavors are a must to try. In fact, if I happen to see a new flavor while out shopping, I always debate buying them, for my dad of course. Then, I remember that my daughter also loves them, and they won't last until the next time I see my parents.

Remember when Double Stuf Oreos came out? You would have thought my dad won the lottery in his excitement to try them. Well, now Oreo has released a cookie that has quadruple the stuffing, The Most Stuf. Imagine taking one wafer off of two Double Stuf, and putting them together, and there you have it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find them locally. I even looked online at several different sources, and all I can seem to find is that they are carried at Rite-Aid. After a search on Rite-Aids website, there are zero stores in MN, IA, WI, or even the Dakotas.

So, I guess it's either a long road trip, ordering online if you can find them to deliver, or waiting patiently for them to come to MN. If you happen to see any while you are out doing your shopping, please share where you found them, I would like to get some, for my dad of course.


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