Not many people realize what a privilege it is to drive in Rochester during snowy weather. And I"m serious about that. When do people in Flordia (FLORIDA!) get to drive in snow? Or Texas? And more importantly, when do they get to drive in it regularly enough to get good at it?

Well, OK, that last one isn't quite right, because wow, we have some realllly bad snow drivers in Minnesota. Most of us get it, tho, and we're blessed because we have WAY better street clearing here than any other place I lived (except growing up in Northern Michigan where winter is forever, and summer last 20 minutes).

So check out the video above. A look at snow driving in the 1920's. Is it better or worse than now? If you need a reminder about what it's like now, think back to Friday, or check out this video from 2017. It may take place all over the world, but it is just like driving in Rochester.

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