Viewers of Ryan Murphy’s FX Feud are probably too distracted by the A-list talent chewing through their televisions to realize most – if not all – of these historical figures have passed. In fact, only screen legend Olivia de Havilland remains alive at a robust 100 (!), and her input would be nothing less than a gift. Well, someone got it, and it might be the most gloriously IDGAF burn you read all year.

The Hollywood Reporter managed to track down the century-strong de Havilland via email to her Paris address, which (incredibly) garnered a response. Ryan Murphy himself “didn’t want to intrude on Ms. de Havilland” for advice on Catherine Zeta-Jones’ portrayal of her younger self, let alone Susan Sarandon’s Bette Davis or Jessica Lange’s Joan Crawford, but why should that stop us free press?

Suffice to say, Ms. de Havilland cannot sanction their buffoonery:

I have received your email with its two questions. I would like to reply first to the second of these, which inquires of me the accuracy of a current television series entitled Feud, which concerns Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their supposed animosity toward each other. Having not seen the show, I cannot make a valid comment about it. However, in principle, I am opposed to any representation of personages who are no longer alive to judge the accuracy of any incident depicted as involving themselves.

As to the 1963 Oscar ceremony, which took place over half a century ago, I regret to say that I have no memory of it whatsoever and therefore cannot vouch for its accuracy.

What an amazing, amazing get; to have Olivia de Havilland herself offer a quote for your story, and for that quote to come back the equivalent of “I don’t watch it, they probably shouldn’t have made it, and I don’t remember anyway.” If Feud Season 2 weren’t already booked, Olivia de Havilland vs. the existence of Feud would have my vote.

In the meantime, watch the trailer for the final Feud episode below. God bless you, Ms. de Havilland.

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