Is this really a thing? Pumpkin Spice scented Face masks? You can order the mask pictured above from Amazon. It truly is a mask that SAYS it's "Pumpkin Spice Scented". However, if you read a little further into it, it says that this is just one of many funny fall/autumn Halloween masks available for purchase. There is NOTHING that says it's actually scented. However, there are people that are purchasing this mask thinking that it truly is scented.

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I read the reviews, which there weren't very many. Only one person mentioned the scented part, and said, "It's not very scented."  Yeah. Not Very. It's only your imagination. There's no scent in this one at all. Trick or Treat. You've just been tricked.

However, I am one of those people that would definitely buy this face mask if I had to wear one, because I'd rather smell something awesome like pumpkin spice when I'm wearing my mask to make me forget about how much I dislike wearing masks.


All that being said, you CAN buy scents to put in your masks, which I didn't realize you could do. I've been putting a drop of essential oil in my masks, like lavender or mint, when I did have to wear one, just because those scents calm me. So if you can find scents like that, I would almost bet you can find pumpkin and spicy scents to use as well.


If you are being required to wear a mask to work, or if you children cried the day you told them they have to wear masks to school again, maybe you can make it a better experience if their masks can smell like pumpkin? or fruity candy? I know that would change my outlook. Remember how much kids love those scratch and sniff stickers? If you have to wear one, this is the way to go.

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