You have all heard stories about a mailman being chased by a dog, but have you heard the one about a mailman being chased by a turkey? That's exactly what happened to Jeff Byrne, a 20 year veteran of the United States Post Office in Waukesha, WI. While out on his normal route, Jeff encountered a not so friendly Turkey, a Jerk-key if you will (sorry bad pun), who decided to tag along on Jeff's mail route.

Jeff spoke to WTMJ stating:

For the last month, he’s been pretty consistent with being out here every day. Not sure if it's the color of the truck. Not sure what he really likes.

The turkey has been following Byrne for the last 3 months, but until recently he has gotten a little more aggressive. Male Turkeys, also known as Toms, can be very territorial during breeding season. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also seems to think that the mail truck's bright lights may have attracted the Turkey's attention as well.

Byrne still continues on his normal mail route, but now brings a blow horn just in case there's any more fowl play.

You can watch the full News Story from WTMJ here.

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