Depending on your point of view, this was either wildly polite or politely wild.

After the Ottawa Senators eliminated the New York Rangers in the conference semifinals of the Stanley Cup playoffs on Tuesday night, fans took to the streets to celebrate. More accurately, they took to the streets only when the street signs said they could.

That's because the fans gathered in the streets when the light was red. Once the light was back to green, they returned to the sidewalk because it'd be rude to block traffic, don'cha know?

And people wonder why Canadians have a reputation for being so darned nice?

The Senators don't have a lot of success on the ice in their history (just one trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in their 24 seasons), so they have every right to be excited and we know that fans can go off the rails when their team does well.

If this is any indication, things may spiral out of control if the Senators win the Stanley Cup. We're thinking the police may issue one, maybe even two, jaywalking tickets.

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