I wouldn't suggest fleeing from police, ever. It usually amounts to more charges against you, and more often than not they are going to find you. One suspect recently caught after fleeing police in Faribault learned that even members of the public will go above and beyond to assist police in catching those who flee.

According to this week's Faribault Police publication, The Point After 35-year-old Michael Galvan fled police on foot as officers were about to pull him over at a local gas station. With the help of some members of the public, Faribault police were able to find and place Galvan under arrest after finding him hiding behind a dumpster.

Image Credit: Faribault Police Department
Image Credit: Faribault Police Department

According to The Point After:

"On Saturday, February 26th, Officer Lance Ulrich was on patrol and performed a registration check on a vehicle. He learned that the vehicle was associated with Michael Galvan, 35. Further, he learned that Galvan’s driving privileges were “canceled” and he was the subject of an arrest warrant. Ofc. Ulrich followed the vehicle to a local gas station. When he attempted to perform a traffic stop, the driver suddenly ran from the vehicle. Officers Spencer Angle, Tyler Wilson, and Matt Kolling responded to assist. As Ofc. Ulrich was searching, a couple of citizens yelled to him and pointed out where the driver was hiding behind a dumpster. The suspect was verified to be Galvan, who stated he ran because he knew there was a warrant for him. Officers found an open can of beer and marijuana in his vehicle. Galvan was cited for Driving After Cancellation, Fleeing a Peace Officer on Foot, Open Bottle, and Possession of over 1.4 grams of Marijuana. He was held pursuant to his warrant."

Galvan is assumed innocent until he has been proven guilty in a court of law or by a jury of his peers.

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