Hi-Way 30 Hogs, located 4 miles west of New Richland, has proposed to double its hog production from 2,400 to 4,800 animals. An environmental review is underway.

The farm is in Byron Township in Waseca County, with eight homes within a mile of the facility. Hi-Way 30 Hogs has one barn now that houses the 2,400 pigs. Owner Keith Schlaak plans to build a second barn to hold the additional hogs.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) reports that the swine would produce 1.7 million gallons of liquid manure annually that would be stored in concrete pits under the barns and used for fertilizer in the fields during the fall, which is a state-approved use of the manure.

The MPCA is taking public comment on the proposal through August 23. The agency uses comments to determine whether an Environmental Impact Statement is necessary in the approval process.  An air emission study indicates the expanded production would meet air quality standards and odor limits. There are six other feedlots inside a three-square mile area around Hi-Way 30 Hogs.

A permit from Waseca County would also be required, according to the MPCA.

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