When it comes to raising families, it’s hard to beat the North Star State. That’s definitely a very biased opinion, but Minnesota has a lot going on for it: four seasons (our summers are great and winter builds character), good people, a fun culture, and a great environment, just to name a few things. And when it comes to getting a solid education, Minnesota seems to do pretty well, according to a new list from WalletHub.

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This new ranking looks at some of the best and worst school systems in the country, with Minnesota having the seventh-best public school ranking in the country. On the other hand, Wisconsin ranked No. 4, so we clearly have some more work to do.

This list also looks at the quality and safety of schools in a few other categories. You can see where Minnesota ranked below, with 1 being the best, and 25 being average:

  • 2nd – Math Test Scores
  • 14th – Reading Test Scores
  • 4th – Median SAT Score
  • 21st – Median ACT Score
  • 32nd – Dropout Rate

So overall, Minnesota seems to be doing fairly well with its schools, although there are definitely ways in which we can approve. That dropout rate could be a little lower, for example. Still – we’re pretty smart up here. S-M-R-T!

Source: WalletHub




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