The sun is out and buns are out too

I just got back from the beach in Florida and I am here to report that young women are flaunting what they have.

The latest fashion statement on the beach this summer seems to be the thong bikini and women are not ashamed to show off their rear.

Everywhere I looked last week, there was someone wearing a thong bikini bottom and some heads were turning towards the person with the swimsuit on, while others were looking away.

I share this with you because if you have kids and you're about to hit the beach or pool this summer, you may want to be on alert. Let me note, none of those wearing this type of beachwear did it in a classless way.

Now, some ladies on social media are aware that you may not want to see their rear ends while out this summer, but that doesn't seem to deter their decision to wear the thong bikini.

Many of the young women I saw wearing thong bikinis wore them with class and simply were there "doing their own thing."

When I mentioned this on the air, a listener called the show and said that she and her family noticed this too while on the beach last week, so I am not the only one taking note of this fashion statement.

Summer is here and it's HOT out, and now some are showing off what they have, just a heads-up.


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