Well, you don't see this very often.

A black bear was recently spotted running along the beach in Pensacola, FL and now many are asking where it came from.

When we think of the beach we think of folks tanning, swimming, or playing games, but rarely do you see a bear running loose on a beach.

Well, it happened and we have the video here for you to see.

Authorities were notified of the bear and as you will see below, they started to follow it on their ATVs while the animal ran for shelter.

Like in south Louisiana, the number of bear sightings has reportedly increased in parts of the Sunshine State, but I can't recall seeing one take to the white sands along the coast.

Remember, if you come across a bear, whether at home or on the beach, never approach it and be sure to notify local authorities of the wild animal.

Often bears that are on the loose as such are looking for food, thus that is why it is always important to conceal leftovers or garbage that may be located outdoors.

Check out this bear on the beach as it runs towards a beach house, that is elevated off of the ground.

By the way, make sure you have the volume cranked up for this one, the kid's commentary is great here.



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