A Dundas farm was awarded a grant from the Food Animal Concerns Trust. It was part of $41,000 in grants awarded to 17 farms in 11 states, to help them transition and/or improve access to pasture-based systems. Animals raised on pasture, when managed properly, experience a high level of animal welfare, which is the ultimate goal of the Fund-a-Farmer grants.

One of those 17 was Auntie Annie's Fields, located in Dundas. They were the only Minnesota farm to receive a grant. According to their website, Auntie Annie's Fields.com, this is part of their mission: "We believe that people’s health is connected to the health of the soil, plants and animals that feed them, so we use natural, chemical-free methods, and our animals know fresh air and sunshine. Although people are always linked with nature, it can be easy to forget that bond or take it for granted. We hope that our updates about the farm and opportunities to visit the place can let people develop a stronger relationship with this little piece of land, and with the food they eat."

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