How do you know you've been in 'quarantine' too long? When your pet realizes what it means when you put on 'real' pants. This is according to my wife, and she's not wrong. Our dog, who is ready for us to go back to our 'normal' routine as he is getting WAY too much attention, immediately reacts when he sees us wearing jeans. He knows that it means we are going for a walk. 

It's unclear whether or not our cats notice the change in attire, or for that matter really care as they are cats.

Some other observations from 'quarantine' from my wife:

"Pablano pepper plants grow 2 inches a day"

"Our neighbors aimlessly wander the streets twice a day"

"Time moves slower once you're done with work for the day"

"You're loud" - My wife was looking at me when she said this.

"I was hoping 2020 would have been better than 2019, but the world basically said 'hold my beer'"

It's taken some adjusting to live in our new reality. Fortunately, the dog has adjusted to knowing when real pants go on that we are going out into the world for an adventure.

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