According to the website Treetopia, the most chilling haunt in Minnesota is Calvary Cemetery in Mankato.

With Halloween less than a week away, the folks at Treetopia have turned to the all-knowing world wide web to determine the most haunted states and most haunted city and location in each state. From haunted houses to abandoned hospitals, deserted theaters to old cemeteries, Treetopia found the location of each state's most recorded ghost sightings for a truly supernatural experience.

Minnesota ranked neither spookiest nor least spooky on the list, coming in at number 22 overall with 1,089 total recorded ghost sightings. The title for most haunted state went to Texas with 7,315 recorded ghost sightings (there's some eerie stuff going on in El Paso, apparently) and Delaware the least haunted with only 128 recorded ghost sightings.

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Of Minnesota's 1,089 recorded ghost sightings, 29 of them occurred in Mankato and most of those at Calvary Cemetery. For that reason, Mankato has been named Minnesota's most haunted city and Calvary Cemetery Minnesota's most haunted location by Treetopia.

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loading... reports that there are several stories about an evil doctor who shows himself at Calvary Cemetery as a ghost-devil. There are also additional stories about Hell Road -- a path nearby where animal sacrifices were reportedly performed. When ghost hunters checked out the locations, however, they reported that no such devilish behavior really occurs and that the ghosts that live there just want to be left in peace. Further confirming its notoriety, also lists Calvary Cemetery as its number one most disturbing cemetery in Minnesota, saying

Calvary is an old cemetery, which is likely why it feels just a little bit creepy. Many of its monuments are imposing and ornate, giving off an almost unapproachable vibe. Couple that with the many trees looming over everything, and it's no wonder this cemetery is a bit disturbing.

See the full article of most haunted states and most haunted cities/locations in each state here.

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