Representatives of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) District 6 Office met today virtually with the Rice County Board of Commissioners during their Work Session.

I've provided some audio from the meeting so you can hear the comments made by the people involved in the discussion concerning transportation in Rice County.

District 6 Planning Director Heather Lukes told Commissioners their revenue forecast is revised every 4 years and some projects slated for the next year or two have been pushed back.

Commissoner Galen Malecha of Northfield suggested MnDOT needs to examine the Highway 19 to Northfield corridor.

Lukes went over the ten year transportation plan for District 6 highlighting Rice County Projects planned for next year.

In 2023 there is some concrete work scheduled on northbound and southbound I-35.

Lukes revealed a roundabout is being planned north of Lonsdale in 2026.

State Representative Brian Daniels and State Senator John Jasinski attended the meeting to give their views in particular on the County Road 9 Feasibility Study.

During the discussion Jasinski told Commissioners he has been part of a legislative group attempting to get more dollars for highway transportation.

One of the efforts by the group is to add surcharges to electric vehicles because they are heavier than other vehicles which means more potential wear and tear on the road system.

Jaskinski said the Governor would not accept the idea.

Dennis Luebbe, Rice County Highway Engineer took the opportunity to inform the MnDOT District 6 representatives the County has secured over 3 million dollars in funding for the I-35 at Highway 19 Roundabout.

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