The identity and condition of the man at time of writing is unknown, though MN Safety reports that no injuries were reported.

On Thursday, March 4 MN Safety posted a video to Youtube that shows Minnesota State Patrol responding to a call of a pedestrian on the median of a busy Minneapolis highway. The man can be seen pacing the median, and -- at one point -- he runs across four lanes of traffic before running back.

The event happened a week before on February 25, according to the video details. "Occurred on Feb 25, 2021 in Minneapolis and MN State Patrol responded." Three State Patrol vehicles eventually arrive simultaneously, two from one direction and the third from the opposite. One officer can be seen rushing out of his car and tackling the pedestrian.

According to the video details, the individual was taken into protective custody and the incident ended safely for all involved. No injuries were reported.

MN Safety is a member-based, private, not-for-profit organization, according to the Minnesota Safety Council website, dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries - a leading cause of death, disability and economic loss.

Just two weeks ago, MN Safety and MN Department of Transportation shared a video a heroic rescue of a pickup truck hanging off the Cedar Avenue Bridge in Burnsville. Few details are known, but traffic cam footage shows a green pickup stuck on the guardrail, the cab hanging over the Minnesota River, until bystanders arrive to hold the truck down and help the driver out.

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