We asked Central Minnesota what they thought about the talk of a National Anthem change. And, not surprisingly, nobody wanted anything to do with it. Here are the responses we got.

96.7 The River
96.7 The River


Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA - Lynn Jeffries Hallgren


Keeping the banner! No other choices for me. - Theresa Elayne


Absolutely do not change it!!!! - Patti Krebs


Leave it alone! - Lisa Zobach Stukey


Only the one we have now for sure - Arnie Barland


Star spangled banner - Carol Harlander


You don’t change the National Anthem. This place called the US has gone overboard. - Marilyn Ridlon Ross


Don't change it. Ever. - Elizabeth Schaefer


Let’s not go there! - Kathy Acker


Wackos. Hey 96.7, do you really need to fuel the fire? - John Jose


I wouldn’t change it - Nancy Updike Johnson


Wouldn't ... Plain and simple. You can't change history by erasing it ... Only doom the next generations to repeat it. - Carol Pohl


I have no problem with the Star Spangled Banner.... - Keith Morton


I have always wondered why “America the Beautiful” was never our national anthem. -  Dan Sullivan (Top Fan)


I wouldn’t! - Jason M. Mueller (Top Fan)


How about if you want to change the song go live in a different country - Sarah Anne Young


Why is this even a valid question? - Julia Ann (Top Fan)


Star spangled banner all the way - Nick Maurer


No way am i even going to entertain this question. This country has gone CRAZY. - Kathy Weisz Neumeister


Are you kidding me? This country has lost its collective mind.  "Imagine all the people...rioting in the streets...living in disharmony...woah oh..." - Krissy Gratke Gronau


I have a tough time believing that a change will happen, and certainly not John Lennon's 'Imagine.'

'America The Beautiful' is more of a realistic possibility. It was considered as a possible national anthem before 'The Star-Spangled Banner' became the anthem in 1931. I like the idea of 'America The Beautiful' being the anthem. The song is much easier to sing, the lyrics sum up the whole of our country more, and it's just a prettier song.

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